Saturday, February 03, 2018

FEBS Letters Blames Society and History for their Sexist Meeting ... #Boycott

What a joke.

I was pointed on Twitter to a meeting run by FEBS Letters to "celebrate" their 50th Anniversary.  The meeting has some 20 speakers highlighted of which only one is a woman.

See for example

And I guess in response to criticism they now write

We acknowledge that it is disappointing that there is currently only one female speaker in our line up. The FEBS Letters editorial team based its speaker selection on authors of some of the best papers published in FEBS Letters over the past 50 years, based on citations and downloads. Unfortunately, women are strongly underrepresented in this list, as a result of the fact that women in science were few over the last century. In addition, other women invited to speak at the event were not able to accept the invitation. The result below is thus currently a historical and social reflection of the past 50 years. FEBS Letters is looking at ways to address this.
That is right - for their own meeting they are blaming history and society.  How about this.  How about you take some $#$*()!@#()$!@ responsibility for the meeting you are running rather than blaming society and history for your lack of diversity?  And how about this - I call for a boycott of this meeting. Nobody should help them celebrate when this is their approach.

UPDATE - made a Twitter Moment with various Tweets on the topic

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A must read: It's Time for Science and Academia to Address Sexual Misconduct

This is a true must read for anyone associated with science or academia:

It's Time for Science and Academia to Address Sexual Misconduct - Scientific American Blog Network

By By Rukmani Vijayaraghavan, Kristy L. Duran, Kelly Ramirez, Jane Zelikova, Emily Lescak, and 500 Women Scientists

It not only discusses some of the issues but suggests specific responses that can be done by individuals, institutions, professional organizations, and governments.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Retroblogging CALPEG 1992 (California Population and Evolutionary Genetics Group)) meeting

When I was in graduate school I was blessed to be able to attend many of the CALPEG (California Population and Evolutionary Genetics Group) meetings (at least, I think that is what CALPEG stood for).

These meetings were critical to me in many ways but especially since I ended up doing molecular evolution work in a lab that was not focused on molecular evolution. CALPEG gave me a community.

SO am posting here about the first one I attended - the 1992 meeting which I think was in San Deigo.

Here is a PDF of my notes and other materials:

I am including pics of the pages below:

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Retroblogging 1993 SSE/SSN/SSB Meeting in Snowbird, Utah #evolution #ecology #systematics

So I am continuing on with Retroblogging past seminars and meetings and other events.  Today I am posting about the 1993 Joint meeting of SSE/SSB/ASN (Society for the Study of Evolution, Society of Systematic Biologists, American Society of Naturalists)

I drove to this meeting from Stanford with David Pollock and we went camping along the way at a relatively new National Park - Great Basin.  I brought my bike and overall had a nice time.

And then we arrived in Snowbird and, amazingly, at the reception I discovered that a friend of mine from high school Jeff Wager was working at the Snowbird resort.  Anyway - enough about me - here are my notes from the meeting.

UPDATE - And here is are scans of the program